Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snow Level - The First Screenshot

Happy Easter everyone and thanks for the feedback! We'll keep improving and tuning the game :)

The snow level Eureka will be added in Update 3

We might post a gameplay video of the new level sometime next week, stay tuned!


  1. Very cool. So what's the shot of the guy with the cigar? From a new cinematic?

  2. This is definitely my favorite game and will continue to be if this updates keep on coming, this track looks great.

  3. Looks awesome I totally love the game.

    One question though, I'm stuck at 124% in my career and I can't figure out what I'm missing to hit 126%, I'm max car, weapons and God level fame.

    I posted a question on gaming stack exchange if anyone knows what I'm missing.

  4. is that a new car on the far left?

  5. Looks great, Cant wait !!!! Hope you add multiplayer option :)

  6. I can't wait for more updates, please add a real campaign, with a story or something, not just races, and make it longer and more difficult, I completed the game in three days… This should be like infinity blade, impossible to beat!

    Otherwise this is in my top 5 favorite iPad games!

  7. Honest remark:

    I get tired of the old content (played to death, mainly because it is fun)
    You release new content but to unlock the new content I have to go back and play the old content again ad nauseam....

  8. Anonymous: If memory serves me right for new players the snow level is unlocked a bit earlier than Deliverator.

    By adding new content it's hard to please both new players and old players at the same time.

    For example we added level unlocking for the hard levels like Rift & Refinery. The question arises should we lock them again for old players who have already played them? In that particular case we decided to please the old players by not forcing them to unlock them "again". (even though they never specifically unlocked those hard levels, they just had them unlocked from the very beginning)

  9. Hi Timo thanks for the response.

    I would like to play the snow level but it is not there. I start doing random races and every 2nd round so far I get to pickup a unlock for the track. At this rate I need to complete 50+ races to play the snow level....I'd rather not play the same old races again, I have spent hours on them previously.

    Not a problem for new players, I understand that, it is all new content to them. But a real pain for old players to now grind for new content.

  10. Toner phone six packMay 11, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    All I did was play a level, and as soon as I picked up a level piece, I quit the race. I unlocked the snow level in less than 15 minutes.

  11. Awesome game but really easy to beat.