Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Second Update!

Another update with awesome new features is coming out any moment! It was submitted a week ago and the status is currently "In Review".

The new alternate control scheme to please Reckless Racing fans!

New features:
-ARROW-STEERING CONTROL SCHEME: You requested it, and we delivered
-NEW CAR PAINT JOBS: Vagabond, Dervish and Deliverator!
-LEFT-HANDED CONTROLS: Finally on equal footing with the righties!

Control option for left-handed players: Fire button on left, Steering on right.

New challenges:
SHOTGUNS, GATLINGS, SNIPERS & STRIKERS: What could possibly go wrong?!

All the reverse races have their own icons and you can now race The Pit in reverse.
New Zebra skin for Dervish and the new Strikers challenge.

-New icons for reversed, mixed and rotated races
-Beginner bosses are now easier
-Velodrama and Refinery tweaked
-Vagabond physics changes
-Improved control tutorial

Bug fixes:
-Fixed a random crash when starting two-car challanges
-Fixed options menu getting stuck
-Fixed a bug in "Fifty kills" achievement
-Fixed a dead opponent winning a race
-Fixed a bug with a reverse race

The Second Update is currently in "In Review" and could be available any moment!

In the Third Update you can look forward to a new track! One hint: it's gonna be slippery...


  1. Yes! My iPad 2 just arrived, and the fact that you made the app universal it's FANTASTIC! I have issues with achievements, i continue to unlock already unlocked achievements, every race i play, every time i load the game..(note that i have all the achievements unlocked, i miss only the "god of all gods" and "the 42"). Anyway, Death Rally is gorgeous, and on the iPad i can finally handle The Refinery ;) (OT, i'm really sorry Timo..: the "other" John Gore game is dead? I accept even just a "no" in response!)

  2. thanks I requested the control of reckelss racing?
    now is the best game of cars in iphone ipad thanks a lot

  3. I have the "Death Rally" app on my iPhone and absolutely love playing it. I'm curious about the finger control that I see on this post and it's different than what I have. The one here has arrows that go left or right and mine is omni-directional which is sometimes hard to control. Have I missed an update somewhere and, if so, can I get it?

  4. This is probably one of the best games on my iPad, and I have some of the best out there (Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Osmos, Infinity Blade…) but Death Rally just beats them all, unfortunatly it's too short, I got to 126% in two days, there should be more cars and more challenges, it should be really long, like Infinity Blade, it makes you want to keep on playing.

    My wish:
    -More cars
    -More tracks
    -More guns
    -New playing modes

    Otherwise thanks for this game and keep on with the good job and free updates!!

  5. Still stuck on 124% complete despite having completed all races and having fully upgraded vehicles and weapons.

    Just finished about 5 races hoping to see one of these new challenges appear in mission select but no luck.

    Please remove the prologue from the menu level section.

  6. Great job, your app is amazing!
    Just had some ideas to share with you, to improve the game :)
    I'm excited about the new race you are talking about, how about adding a "flame thrower" for the weapon, that could be great with amazing graphics.
    And for the prologue, it seems strange to let it on the menu even at the end. Maybe you could allow (in it) the weapons the gamer unlocked, and display the normal fighting view against the police.
    And of course a bluetooth multiplayer mode would be awesome.
    Anyhow, thanks a lot, i enjoyed a lot the game and look forward to getting new updates.

  7. If you are stuck on 124% or around there, try killing all the villains and make sure you beat all the challenges.

    Game center ID: zipplockbag

  8. Im havin trouble with the achievement.i previously unlock "the shortest fuse" but after update 1 this is locked,and i cant unlock it even thou i die again on 1st lap. Also i cant unlock sentinel stomper even thou i hv kill more den 5 sentinels

  9. I just got the God of All Gods achievement. You need to score 10,000,000 (10 million) fame to get it. Now I just need to work on "The 42" which I assume is achieved when you score 42m fame?

  10. Does anyone have an idea how to get destroyed within the first lap of a race? I upgraded every car to the max and dont even get close to 0% in one round..

  11. Just lay mines turn around and run over them