Friday, April 8, 2011

The First Update!

We promised regular updates with new features, and there is more to come VERY SOON. Keep living the Death Rally!

New car:
-Unlock the power of the Wraith, a fast and furious NEW SPORTSCAR!

New weapons:
-STRIKER: Dish out massive damage with a weapon that fires multiple rockets!
-LASER SIGHT: Aim and destroy the enemy with more accuracy than ever!

New challenge:
-ALL NITRO CHALLENGE: Do you feel the need for speed?

-Player tag now more visible at race start
-Metal shader effects for cars in garage

Bug fixes:
-Fame is correctly updated in Game Center
-Grim Reaper & Spectrum of Pain now unlockable
-No longer crashes when drawing missile trails
-Resolved iPad 2 collision problems
-Comic voice-over now abides to voice volume setting
-Restarting career no longer selects a locked car
-Career playthrough counting bugs fixed
-Nitro no longer depleted when stopping the car
-Fame sound effect bug fixed

Here's the awesome Launch Trailer:


  1. its good to see you updating this blog, now can we maybe have a new minigore blogpost please

  2. Stop asking for Minigore in this blog, please. Minigore is awesome. Death Rally is awesome. This is the Death Rally blog, let's talk about that!

    BTW, great first update! :)

  3. For another race type you should make a race similar to the prologue were you get chased by the cops and you can either get to the destination on time or destroy all the cops to win the race. Just a thought.
    Thanks for the great update love the nitro race.

  4. weapon idea,

    wheel spikes: you can damage enemies by driving beside them

  5. I have several game center achievement that are not unlocked, even when they should be. Any fix for that?

  6. May I ask if Death Rally is coming for Mac OS?

    That would be so awesome! I still play the original DR from time to time, and I've dreamed about how awesome it would be if the game came out with updated graphics and a bit better gameplay. But since I don't have an i-device I can't play it. :(

    I'm no expert at iOS/Mac OS programming, but I know there are many similarities between the two systems, so I would think a port shouldn't be too difficult? I would be more than happy to pay for a Mac OS version! :)

  7. If you've upgraded all your cars and weaponry, but still haven't recieved any achievements for them... You just need to play one race with each weapon/car for the game to acknowledge that you've accomplished the full upgrades.

    For the devs:
    I'm currently at 125% complete out of 126%, when do I get a fully complete profile? Do I need to achieve "The 42"-fame level?

    Thanks for a great game :)

  8. -Metal shader effects for cars in garage

    none on iPhone 4

  9. +1 Chris. Stuck in 125%

    Btw, I have 2.568.840 of fame and I'm still in the "god" rank. Is that right?

  10. My fame still gets reset to rookie even with the update :(

  11. Stuck on 124% complete, all vehicles and weaponry fully upgraded.

    What the hell is the point of the laser sight for any weapon other than the sniper rifle?

  12. Guys, just found out what is missing for me, it's probably the same problem for you: complete a marathon(don't need to be the winner).

  13. Awesome game! love to play on my 29 inch large LCD. The cars are ultimate and their handling is superb.

  14. it's good to see this blog upgraded,

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