Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Death Rally Achievement Contest!

Post your Achievement ideas in the Death Rally thread at the forums. The one that stands out and is to our liking gets to be in the game! It may be your idea that is going to be the 50th achievement in Death Rally!

Here are some of the other almost 50 achievements we have already in place:

- Shooting star: Raise your fame in 10 consecutive races!
- Shortest fuse: Die during the first lap of the race!
- Barrel roller: Knock down 50 barrels!

Maybe yours will be something like:
- Duke-on-a-stick: Wreck Duke Nukem's brand spanking new car with Spiked Bumpers

You have until Monday (March 7th) to come up with an idea - the race is on! Remember, this is not a Sunday drive, this is DEATH RALLY!


  1. Hey Timo, maybe you should post a link on the Minigore blog informing people about this blog :)

  2. Earn the A-team car (destroy 150 sentinels)