Monday, June 6, 2011

Update 5 is in review!

Feature list:

AWESOME NEW CAR: Interceptor

* NEW CAR CHALLENGES: Vagabonds, Dervishes, Shriekers, Wraiths, Deliverators, Interceptors
* Story continues with a new race and comic
* Sentinel and Vagabond rebalanced
* Race menu improvements
* Game memory management changed and total memory consumption reduced.
* IAP: VIP access to Interceptor and Eureka
* The cool blue icon is back

* Bug fix: No longer crashes on iOS versions older than 4.0
* Bug fix: Rare game crash with projectile logic fixed
* Bug fix: "Hard" races now available also at the end of the game


  1. Will it have the game save across iphone and ipad?

  2. Yeeees!! An awesome list of updates and additions! Additional thanks from me for returning the cool blue icon :)

  3. Update 5 is available for download from iTunes from now on :)

  4. How do you achiev "the god of all gods" and "the 42"?
    My progres is 153%, i have 4 500 000 fame and rank God...

  5. you need 10 000 000 fame

  6. i beat the adversary after the guy in the story goes on said i must! nothing happened... bummed

  7. Why not a really hard mode where you get a motorcycle and one attachment? The only advantage would be the speed goes up one or two notches and the handling is wild. If someone can beat the Adversary at that level, they deserve the God of all Gods level. Also, make the vulnerability lowest of the low. --

  8. We should be able to creat custom tracks Chrome Rims and why not add in a Flame thrower. On another note can we get an upgrade for the HDMI connection plug apple has so the iPad can have maps and controls on the iPad to give us the ultimate gaming experience.

  9. In the comic story the guy says "Get me the Adversary". What does this men exactly as I went straight on to beat the Adversary in the challenge selection but nothing happened. Is this just a story update or an instruction to unlock something new?

  10. How to beat the Prologue? I've tried it several times and I'm not able to destroy Ted Harris. Thanks for your help.

  11. You can't,if you can stay alive for an long time then your car just stop alone and you get screwed!:)

  12. Any chance that this will be cross-platform, including Linux?

  13. How come the last weapon, overdrive, is a bit worse than the missiles in terms of reliabilty (both are fully upgraded). By reliable, I mean that I can usually kill two cars with missiles on a single charge, while overdrive tend to miss its targets.

  14. I'm with abdul. I would love to be able to design tracks and to play tracks others design. The only thing I would ask with that would be a review done by you guys before the tracks go out so we don't have really poorly designed or annoyingly stupid looking designs.

  15. Just a quick and simple question; what are the ranks of the Single Player Career (fame) and Multiplayer With Friends/Multiplayer Campaign modes?

    I am up to God of All Gods in Single Player Career (with 18,002,953 fame) and Heavy Duty Major on the Multiplayer modes.

    I hope to hear from someone soon with an accurate answer.


  16. how to get the fame ranking "the adversary" ? pls repy


    1. I destroy the Adversary... NOTHING HAPPENS. No advance in the storyline, no new storyline level.

    2. I destroy Ju Qiu Dai over and over and over again... and yet it doesn't register in my achievements.

    Stuck at 192% and nothing beyond "Tex Returns" chapter. What gives?

  18. You gotta upgrade the flamethrower to get 198%

  19. On multiplayer there is one player in particular that can shut down all the systems on my car and then I die. I begin to lose power and then control finally dying in a few seconds it goes
    from 100% power to dead.

    What is this power??? I am using iPad.